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About Jaki

Hi. I’m Jaki, the middle child of Karl Pickett and Ann Shepherd. I have two grown-up kids of my own and am now blessed with two lovely grandchildren. My father Karl served in the RAOC and travelled to various countries, so I had the chance to travel the world at a young age with him, my mother and older sister.

Born in Germany, I experienced lots of various cultures and ways of living in our travels. Singapore was a particular place we spent time where I learned and saw many a great way of doing things in the late 60s early 70s -Singapore then was not as we know it now!

My Mum was the youngest of 16, which allowed me to be part of a massive circle of family and friends, grand celebrations where you learn to cater and socialise with lots of people all mucking in to have a great time. Growing up like this drew me to catering, and since the age of 11 I have been baking, cooking and celebrating.

Mother (and grandmother!) and businesswoman

As a young mum I participated in many events and also voluntary works, even doing a parachute jump to raise funds to build a skate park, calling a rent strike to have the homes in the area I lived brought up to standard, and visiting Prince Charles’ office in London to receive an award.

When I became a single mum with a mortgage to pay and two young kids to bring up, I had to venture into my own business. I sold sports garments from my own home to make ends meet. Later I bought an Ice Cream Van, building a round to all the local villages in the evening, and during the day visiting Fortrose Academy, Rosemarkie Beach and the much quieter Chanonry Point - for nearly 14 years, my van was part of the scenery there, with a specific area for a catering van sized to the spec of my Ice Cream Van!

I worked in the local chip shop with the intention of buying a Fish and Chip Van, then in 2008 I ended up taking on the lease. I spent years building up my reputation, leading to a second shop and eventually I was running three chips shops as well as Ice Cream Vans - the fleet had expanded to the point that I was responsible for over 33 staff.

After some challenging life events I gave up the Ice Cream Vans, walked away from two of the chip shops, and bought the shop you see me in today. As you can probably tell, I also like to do things differently, but above all I love to offer great service, good food and an enjoyable experience to everyone who comes to visit!

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